Episode 325 Part 2 – It’s Not You, It’s Me

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The “Men’s Advocate,” Linda Gross, author of the books and shares her opinions about men and women and gives the various answers to, “Why I Broke Up with You.” Life-Long geek and cosplay master, Mike Templeton offers previews of D23 and Comic Con. Plus these stories: Teenage girl hits big prizes on 2 different scratchers. Single can of checked luggage. …

Episode 270 – What Would Buddha Do?

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If you ever wondered why Buddha is always depicted as smiling and happy, we now know why. The author of the book, “Unlocking Siddhartha’s Brain” joins us to discuss the Buddha and the scientific importance of meditation. Our Travel Guy explains when you should avoid New Orleans. Manny the Movie Guy reveals his Stagecoach wardrobe and reviews

Hillary, Baking with Cannabis and Hurricane Cruise Season

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What can you learn from the body language and facial expressions of a presidential candidate? Professor Carl Christman reveals the surprising results of his analysis of Hillary Clinton. Marijuana advocate and owner of the Sweet Mary Jane bakery in Colorado, Karin Lazarus talks about how to bake with cannabis. Travel Guy Gary Warner issues a warning about falling for deep discounts on cruise lines …

Dancing Dead Kitties

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It’s too delicious a headline, isn’t it? The reigning Ms. California United States, Sande Charles, visited as co-host and introduced us to the dancing dead cats story, as well as a story about people in China who were caught selling panda meat on the black market. She’s an animal rights person people, go easy. But cute little pandas? And oh, koalas will …