Adult Inoculations and Voodoo Doughnuts

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It’s time for your Inoculations!



Adult Inoculations
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Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz makes a house call [11:29] to make sure we grown ups know which inoculations we’re supposed to get. Phil Hulett thought he was covered for life when he got shots as a kid. But no! Not only are there new inoculations kids, there are several for adults. Further, there are shots you need for travel, and shots you need if there’s a new baby coming to the family. This is “need to know” stuff.

Sports Fans Caught on Video

Next up, Fox Sports Broadcaster, Kent French talks [30:21] about his search for interesting, passionate sports fans in the parking lots of ballparks and arenas for his new social media video series, Frenchy’s Friends.

Voodoo Doughnuts

And National Doughnut Day would not be complete without a call [44:01] from Cat Daddy! Who is Cat Daddy, you ask? He’s the co-founder of Voodoo Doughnut where the tasty treat is taken to, as the kids say, a whole nother level. Included in this conversation is the real reason we should not call doughnuts “donuts.”

More Stuff!

Phil Hulett brought a stack of extra stories with him. How about a Rotondo update? Tax social media use? If totalitarians can do it, why not Washington DC? Phil explains what a screamer is and how J.R. Smith of the Cleveland Cavaliers has probably lost his voice from screaming. A new study proves why people with these are smarter than everyone else. There’s a new medical glove that eradicates bacteria. Who’s gonna play the Penguin in the next Batman movie? The world’s longest non-stop flight takes off in July. Thanks to Rosanne, suddenly we like Pharmaceutical companies. And finally, ban-happy bureaucrats in the UK think Tony the Tiger is to blame for childhood obesity. Maybe comfy chairs are more dangerous?

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