Alien Abduction

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alien abduction

Alien Abduction

On this episode of Phil Hulett and Friends you will hear one of the most compelling and believable stories of alien abduction you will ever hear. Author, Ron Felber recounts the story found in his new book, The Mojave Incident…and yes, there was probing involved. Plus, executive producer Mike Stark reviews this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees. Phil can’t believe some of the names on the list. Maybe you will agree with him? Movie reviews from Shira Selko of the Long and Late Movie Show. Ted Prichard and Chris Martin join Phil with these stories: Childhood obesity is on the run, Sea World wants more space for Orcas, Derrick Fisher is hitting Matt Barnes’ Ex! MLB Playoffs, Vin Scully in the hospital, National Poetry Day, and finally…stock up, there’s gonna be Pumpkin Pie mix shortage.


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