Aliens, El Nino and Santa Airlines

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Alien Abduction Revisited

Alien Abduction Revisited

Ron Felber makes a return visit to follow up on the story of a couple who tell a very believable story about alien abduction. Not only does Ron recount the couple’s harrowing experience with other-worldly beings, he also has scientific data to explain how those beings might be getting here from far away galaxies. Plus a meteorologist answers those who say the so-called “Godzilla El Nino” is a bust. Our Travel Guy, Gary Warner plays Santa and asks if you could go anywhere, free of charge, where would you go? Chris Martin is in the studio with Phil and the two added the following stories: LAUSD Schools shut down, FAA guidelines for required Drone registration, college students await your phone call 24/7 so they can sing a Christmas carol of your choosing, Will Smith for President, Pete Rose denied again, Uber Union, the world’s first breast implants, American’s don’t know basic geography…like, uh, do you know where the Grand Canyon is? And finally, the college professor who babysat for a student so she could take her final exam.


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