All By Myself

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All By Myself

All By Myself

It’s a Phil Hulett and Friends first! Phil does the show solo (all by himself). There’s no shortage of subject matter today: Khloe and Lamar call off divorce, John Tesh is brilliant, Batman v. Superman, backlash over the new Dr. Frank-N-Furter, The teddy bear you want to kill, women won’t tell you this but they are watching a ton of porn, the 10 best jobs in America, will you pay for YouTube?, the healthiest sodas, the top horror movies of all time, plus movie reviews with Manny the Movie Guy and even bigger news from Manny…uh, Antonio Banderas? You have to listen. Plus teen driving safety with Dr. Richard Harkness and the top medical advancements since Back to the Future with Business Psychologist, Dani Kimlinger.


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