Amateur CSI, Tsunami Survival and Go Halos!

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[saf] One the day after the Angels clinched a postseason spot we discuss their chances with a baseball analyst. Plus the author of the book, The Skeleton Crew talks about joining with hundreds of online CSI freaks who attempt to solve cold cases. Our travel dude, Gary Warner takes us to his favorite places to watch the leaves turn in the fall. A USGS Geographer reviews out chances for surviving a tsunami, and the best routes to higher ground. Plus, Erin Myers with a girl in a shed, the motorcycle speed record, happy wife-happy life, and Papa Murphy’s penis pizza. Jay Campadonia brings us up to date on Tony Stewart going back to court to face possible charges, the boob-squeezing X-Box game, the idiot of the week with a ridiculous name for his wi-fi hot spot on a plane, and remember Surge Cola? Chris Martin talks about a car constructed from parts printed on a 3-D Printer, The Vikings aren’t having much fun any more, the iTunes U2 removal tool, and Warren Buffett’s first sports bet.


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