America the Good and the Bad

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Ant Man Good - Rolling Stone Bad

Ant Man Good – Rolling Stone Bad

On this episode of Phil Hulett and Friends we have ample examples of both good and bad behavior. There’s Caitlyn Jenner’s Arthur Ashe Courage Award acceptance speech on the ESPY’s, then there’s the group in Texas which believes kindergarten children will be encourages to take part in sodomy thanks to the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. Then there’s Chuck Furey who’s riding around America, the long way, raising money for 5 charities. (Hint, click on his name.) and then there’s a good chance Uber has offered its last ride share in California. There’s improved workplace standards when it comes to pregnant workers, but then there’ this month’s cover of Rolling Stone which provides proof that rock and roll, and any advancements women have made in the past 30 years, may actually be dead. There’s the new Lay’s potato chip flavors and then there’s Amazon’s “Prime Day.” There’s bacon flavored seaweed and then there’s Germany’s move to officially designate bugs as food. There’s the new jewel to cover your cat’s rectum (that’s a good thing, isn’t it?) and then there’s the guy who held an alligator for a month as his personal sex slave (We’ve since learned the story is fake as crocodile tears). There’s Ant Man and there’s Train Wreck…OK, fine, Manny the Movie Guy says they are both good movies.


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