Antecubital Fossa

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Antecubital what? You don’t even know what that is, do you? Well, you should be sneezing into it. Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz tells you what you need to know to stay safe from norovirus and e coli. Chris Kennedy explains how easy it is to self-publish your book. Manny the Movie Guy reviews the Golden Globe and SAG Awards nominees. Plus these stories: Russia re-ignites the space race by announcing plans for the moon, in-vitro puppies, Gun TV, UFC forces Holm into rematch with Rousey, unusual baby names, the brain-powered car, how Phil’s squirrel met its demise, the five cities with the most single female Star Wars fans, the top reasons women won’t got home with a guy after a great first date, driving while eating cereal, and finally, the mistake you are making while texting that makes people think you are a jerk.


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