Best of Pancakes, Flu and RSVP Fail

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Best of

In this hybrid best of, Phil Hulett offers up stories of the week, including sibling love, as well as the camel beauty contest, the burrito assault, and the Doomsday Clock adjustment. Then there is the guy who answers the question, what happens when “Jesus takes the Wheel.” And finally, texting while eating.


[5:00] Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz give the facts about the deadly flu outbreak. Now what does he say about the flu shot? Did he get his?

Movie Reviews

[17:17] New! Manny the Movie Guy visits for his weekly movie reviews. reviews Hostiles, Maze Runner and rants about Oscar nomination snubs.

RSVP Fails

[29:23] Megan Megale from Poplar Springs Inn and Spa in Virginia explains RSVP. She also comes up with some possible explanations as to why so many people don’t bother giving the host of a party the common decency of a reply.


[44:08] Pancake expert, Steve Hamilton from Chris Cakes talks about…one guess…PANCAKES!
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