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Super Bowl

The Big Game

The “big game” is a happening this weekend, and we call it that because the NFL doesn’t want us to say Super Bowl unless we…OOPS. Nonetheless, we have plenty of info to help you enjoy the game and your party, plus the goofy prop bets you could wager even if you know nothing about football. Dr. Kurtz sets the record straight on Zika virus. Manny the Movie guy enjoys a little “eye candy.” Author Tami Gilbert motivates us with the story of the heart-breaking, difficult road she took from abandonment in Nigeria to MBA in America, and she offers tips on what NOT to say to your co-workers. Travel Guy Gary Warner picks the best Valentine’s destinations, domestic and international.
Gonzo Greg Spillane joins Phil and Chris Martin. Stories include: Robot bartender, R.I.P. BMX Icon Dave Mirra, CDC says women should find another way to get pregnant, what?, Burger King gas prank, what has more calories at McDonald’s, a double Big Mac or a Kale Salad?, how the Internet makes us dumber, celebrity breast reduction, and finally, the lady who lifts heavy objects with her vagina.


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