Episode 275 – Calories Schmalories

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Belly-2354 1920 (1)Author Belldon Colme explained why he is convinced calories do not matter, and he’s living proof. His book is called “Calories Don’t Matter, Author, “No One Ever Got Fat from Calories: The Real Truth About Weight Loss, Your Body and Wellness.” At the age of 51 Jane Trahanovsky decided to take up a sport we’re pretty sure you’ve never heard of…but we’re also pretty sure you could rock it!  Biologist and Consumer Beauty Advocate, Deborah Chase tells you which ingredients in beauty products you need to avoid like the plague.  Try not to cry when author Melissa Faye Grant talks about the special connect we humans have with dogs and why our canine friends are uniquely qualified to help physically and medically challenged. Manny the Movie Guy reviews the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) movie.  Joining Phil Hulett in the studio are Dale Lopes and 2014 Ms. California Sande Charles. Stories: Real bionic hand. What killed Prince. Female teacher has sex with 13-year old. Baylor football scandal. Chewbacca Mom Scholarship. Funeral for the Gorilla who was visited by a 4 year old human at the Cincinnati Zoo. Celebrities who have been kicked off planes. Phil’s bottle caps. And finally, what happens to the coins you throw in the fountain?


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