Cars, Currency and Teenage Daughters

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It's just what I wanted!

It’s just what I wanted!

Yes it’s that time of year when you hope to put a big red bow on the roof of a shiny new car and make this the best Christmas ever for a loved one. That’s why Phil and the friends, (Gonzo Greg Spillane and Skylar Cuarisma) spoke with an analyst from Kelly Blue Book about the best values in every class. Colleen O’Grady talked about her new book and why this time of year is the worst for mother/teenage daughter relations. Our travel guy, Gary Warner gave us the heads up on where you can get the best bang for your travel buck with the exchange rate. Today’s stories: Wanna buy a ghost town? Cyber Monday stats. Trump’s $5 million offer to CNN. Buy the Christmas Story house and get the leg lamp, too! Celebrity Net Worth…in the red. German police helmet. Airline pilot food. What’s it cost to buy the items in the Twelve Days of Christmas? They found WHAT in the Salvation Army Kettle? The best TV theme songs ever. And finally, sneezing during sex.


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