Couch Surfing and Faking Sports Knowledge

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Antonio Banderas vacation rental

“¿Cuarto en renta?”

AirBnB is in the news this week after San Francisco voters shot down a move to put the screws to average folk renting out rooms to international travelers. On this episode of Phil Hulett and Friends you’ll hear from an AirBnB “Super Host” who’s making bank renting out a room in her two-room apartment in central SF. Manny the Movie guy spills the beans about Antonio Banderas and puts Phil in his place for a disparaging remark about Filipino TV. Sports reporter, author and talk hostKate Delaney talks about sports for non-sports people and how doing a little research can help advance your career. Chris Martin and Phil weigh in with more stories: Facebook’s latest milestone, Katy Perry dominates one list, its National Doughnut Day, The CMA’s might be bigger than the Oscars, Princess Leia’s Slave Bikini, the NFL teams with the drunkest fans, and finally the family who lost their cat…you have to hear it.


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