Drone Stalkers and Seedy Motels

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Who is going to keep some kid down the road from buzzing your bedroom window with a drone? Listen to this episode to find out. Tell your kid good luck cutting the mustard, there’s a more difficult SAT coming. Is it safe to stay at a motel these days? How about staying at the first “Mo-Tel?” Our travel guy has some answers. Now there’s self-driving car sickness. TSA screener gets to groping. Chris Martin found the mother of the week…you won’t believe what she did with her kid at the zoo. Note to self: don’t shoot an armadillo. There’s a cure for obesity that’ll kill you if you don’t know what you are doing. Who’s a more important member of the family…your pet or your mother-in-law? Can we just say “Stop the Madness” to destination weddings? And finally, is the cat wearing a black and blue or a gold and white dress while walking up or down the stairs?


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