Episode 2 – Lobsterfest

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In this episode Phil Hulett, Jennifer Bjorklund and Karlo Sy su (Jay Campadonia was too sick to answer the bell) celebrated the 14th annual Lobster Festival (September 13-15, 2015) in Los Angeles Harbor. The studio in which we record the show is situated right in the middle of the festival grounds in the Ports O’Call in San Pedro, California. We hear from the promoter of the event, Jim Hall.  Also, we talked about the various ways to prepare lobster with the Director of Catering from the famous Ports O’Call Restaurant.  In an effort to better understand lobsters, we spoke with Professor Win Watson whose been researching lobsters for 15 years at the University of New Hampshire. On other topics we explore Jennifer’s love for cars, and get a surprise phone call from her father-in-law in Minnesota, where the comparisons between Corvettes and European sports ensues. Plus Erica Sandberg, our “Femme Fiscale” reviews the ridiculous things people worry about when it comes to their credit.  And finally, fanboy Mike Templeton checks in to review the dust up at DC Comics over Batwoman’s gay marriage storyline.


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