Episode 273 – A Walmart on Uranus

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A Walmart on Uranus

A Walmart on Uranus

Sorry about that. It’s just one of the many potential headlines from today’s show. NASA expert Rod Pyle pondered whether intelligent life exits on the thousands of planets astronomers have recently discovered. Perhaps we could have pulled a headline from Brooke Peterson‘s story about how eating human feces can cure disease? Estate planning, probate and tax attorney, Sam Long explains why everyone, regardless the size of their estate, should have a will. Manny the Movie Guy takes on the Angry Birds movie. What in the world is Sex Roulette? And, why do we need Bluetooth tampons? Culinary Arts expert, Sophie Egan knows we are what we eat, and she catalogs why we eat what we do in her new book, Devoured. Dale Lopes guest co-hosted today. Dr. Dahlia Wachs explains why she believes chronic health conditions and peanut allergies are on the rise in children. Sports Talk host, Dale Lopes joined Phil and Brooke in the studio to opine on whether Universities should recruit 8th graders for sports scholarships, how Steph Curry is changing basketball for school kids, and whether pro athletes should bring their kids to post-game news conferences. Phil Hulett pointed out how way too many men who work in radio or TV into their 70’s or 80’s, die just a few days after they finally retire.  Phil worried about the fate of Hall of Fame play-by-Play announcer Vin Scully, who is set to retire at the end of this baseball season. Plus these stories: Magic Mushrooms good for you, Earpiece Translator, Temper Tantrum disorder in adults, Honey-based Mead, Ariana Grande’s boobs, talking politics on a date bad, and finally, it is time to replace fast food order takers with robots.


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