Episode 276 Part 1 – Roadside Asset Forfeiture / GPS Blockage / No More Dabbing

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There’s a Highway Patrol force in one US State that apparently cannot wait to be taken to court. These troopers can pull you over, ask for your debit card, and clean out your bank account, just in case you’re a bad, bad guy. You won’t believe the true motivation behind this, and there’s no way this will catch on, will it? It’s illegal search and seizure, right? Give a listen and you decide. Thanks co-host Gonzo Greg Spillane for bringing that story to us, and this one: if your GPS stops working in a couple days, you can blame the Navy…but they’ll never cop to it, even though they say they’re going to do it. Huh? Justin Bieber goes down. Kate Mulgrew had a REALLY bizarre childhood. And if you like to “Dab,” we’ve just heard from a high authority that it’s time to let go.

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