Episode 280 – Wedding Proposals / Brexit Travel Value

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marry meA busy day on the show with Brooke Peterson and Kelly Bennett co-host with Phil Hulett and interview Dr. Lesliebeth Wish on the best and worst ways to propose marriage. Dr. Wish gently reacts to the way Phil proposed to his wife. Travel guy Gary Warner brings us up to speed on the value of your dollar in Europe and the UK post Brexit vote. We get negotiating tips from Chris Voss who is a former lead hostage negotiator for the FBI. Manny the Movie Guy reviews the Secret Life of Pets, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, and an on-demand Stephen King adaptation called “Cell.” Plus these stories: How to remove your online presence, false memory implantation, NASA loves lady buns, a new way to get that distressed look in your jeans, tongue-kissing your dog is dangerous, seniors on pot, hairball lady, super militarized rats, alligators in trees, Zika update, MMMBop you are old, the haunted swing set, a guy wants to buy kiddie pools for all kids, and finally, if your breasts were filled with water, how many pancakes could they make?


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