Episode 281 – Impossible to Properly Name This One

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Way to Akiba secret areaThere is no way to put any of the disparately different topics in the title of this episode, so best we just describe them to you here. Page Olson, author of the forthcoming book – The Success Manifesto, gives an impassioned batch of advice on how to talk to your kids about race, religion and terror following events like the truck attack in Nice, France. Author Jeff Lazarus explains what he means when he says “Listen Like a Dog” which is also the name of his new book. Fantasy Baseball geek and podcast host, Ben Lindbergh actually got to run a baseball team using his fantasy statistical prowess. His book is called The Only Rule is It Has to Work. Counselor Renee Jones explains how you can beat the summer diet saboteurs. Manny the Movie Guy reviews the new Ghostbusters and The Infiltrator. Plus these stories: PokemonGo update, today is national (insert name) day, Sky Slide Lawsuit, Security Robot attacks child, What’s in your beard?, Top Paid Celebs, most beautiful celebs according to science, OH MY GOD what has happened to Mick Jagger?, the funniest penis movie scenes, two-pound sundae, terms of service agreements and your first born child, and finally, a tiny arm-pit air conditioner.


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