Episode 284 – Olympic Weirdness | Phobias | Pokemon Go to Jail

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Olympic Shoe Endorsement

Olympic Shoe Endorsement

Everybody is watching the Olympics, but not the way we do! Skylar Cuarisma and Emily Harlan join Phil Hulett to talk about the strange happenings in Rio. Plus we have guest interviews: Parenting author Emily Slingluff has tips on how to raise a kid who doesn’t want to kill people. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Pete’s Dragon, Sausage Party and The new Meryl Streep movie. Moving to Canada after the election? Not before you hear from former Canadian citizen, Robert Martichenko. Playing Pokemon Go could land you in court, or worse, jail. Attorney Rogge Dunn explains all the ways you could break the law chasing monsters. Kalliope Barlis says a few quick steps can get you to release your phobia of snakes, spiders or whatever you are freaked out about. Plus these stories: White Supremicist dating site, dangerous amusment parks, blue lobster, yet another reason to be afraid of sharks, mother-son sex, is Blake Lively racist? Skylar’s brush with the Human Fly, LBGT characters in pro wrestling, Malia Obama on dope, Mr. Obama’s summertime sexy music playlist, Paul McCartney comes clean on Yoko, the Chork, and the good things about being a mean drunk.
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