Episode 287 – There’s No Stopping Zika and Other Delightful Topics

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zika virus mosquitoAfter speaking with Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz about the status of Zika Virus in the United States, he asked, “Can we talk about something happy next time?” Listen to this conversation and see if you don’t conclude we are doomed. On a lighter note, stay until the end of this full-length episode to hear Jonathan Tammara from San Bernardo Ice Cream make our minds wander and our mouths water. The Date Meister, Mary Reilly points out the signs you should call off your wedding. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Morgan, The Light Between Oceans, and has a touching moment remembering Gene Wilder. Travel dude Gary Warner talks Euro-mores and nude beaches. Co-Host Skylar Cuarisma is a big Bachelor in Paradise fan, so big, she chased down and got up close and personal with Jared and Wells. Co-Host Dale Lopes proves, using science, there are benefits to being a man his age. Plus these stories: The Knife-Wielding Clown, return of the Sony Walkman, Subway Sandwich fun, Sober Celebs, Celebs on Dating Sites, Colin Kaepernick’s protest, Cruise ship cocaine hotties, Bob Ross’ hair was a LIE (next you’ll tell me there’s no Easter Bunny!), Michael Phelps pre-race song revealed, tarantula mating season, Pamela Anderson says you’re a loser, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Chile Mocha, and finally, most people would be fooled by Superman’s glasses.
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