Episode 289 – When Phil Loses Control of the Show

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vintage cheerleadersSee if you can pick the exact moment Phil Hulett lost control of this episode. Guest co-hosts Kelly J and Gonzo Greg seemed to be conspiring to take over the show. The result…hilarity. But not without information. Learn how to get into an elite college with expert, Jason Ma. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Snowden, Blair Witch, Bridget Jones’ Baby and Kicks. Skateboard promoter Jack Smith heads out across America on, you guess it, a skateboard, for a great cause…and he’s how old? Travel Guy Gary Warner looks at the destination winners and losers from global warming. Former heroin addict, Scott Spackey offers tips on killing your bad habits. Food writer Katie Sullivan Morford has 75 recipes for the most important meal of the day. Plus these stories: NY Fashion Week Porn, Batmen vs Superman Easter Egg Found, it’s iPhone 7 day (do you know where your pup tent is?), Google Cam Cow Face, Facebook Money Messenger, Gonzo Greg’s Rocky Horror secret revealed!, the true meaning of “photo bomb,” Fifty Shades Darker trailer beats the record, the effects of Pumpkin Spice Latte on your body, Why Wendy’s Burgers are Square, “Debbie Does Dallas” is in the public domain, and finally….cheerleaders.

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