Episode 290 – ICANN Say Goodbye to the Internet

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USA Hands over Control of the Internet

Since it’s inception the Internet has been controlled by the USA. Next week Vladimir Putin takes over (we think). An expert explains why we lie. We found the scariest Halloween haunted house in the country, Manny the Movie Guy reviews The Magnificent 7 and Storks. Does your kid have “Backpack Brain?” We have Brandjolina Reaction. Teens sue parents over embarrassing child photos posted to Facebook. The hottest new cosmetic procedure for men, “Scrotox!” Phil plans to kill cute furry critters…farm style. Dating site confirms photos are accurate and up to date. The Huh Challenge. North Korea’s Internet. Human Drivers Banned on this road. Chinese space junk is headed your way. Vegetarians demand that In-n-Out serve veggie burgers. Dreadlock discrimination. Yahoo hit with the world’s biggest data breach. Paul McCartney still not dead. It’s National Great American Pot Pie Day! Phil picks the stocks! Lewd city names. Magnum P.I. had a daughter? Woman held hostage by seagulls. Revenge Fantasy. And finally, who’s the most hated NFL player?
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