Episode 292 – We Love Our Menstrual Cycle

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Mentrual Cycle

“I got my period today!”

“We” meaning show producer Brooke Peterson. During a story about woman who gave birth using her mother’s transplanted uterus, Brooke volunteered the information that she “loves her period.” One not to miss a golden opportunity for radio gold, Phil Hulett immediately got Brooke to offer more clarity on the topic. There is plenty more to this episode. Including The Survival Doctor, Dr. James Hubbard, in the wake of hurricane Matthew, talking about how to survive a hurricane. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Birth of a Nation, The Girl on a Train, and Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life. Music education promoter, Vincent James talks about the first annual Kid’s Music Day. Kalliope Barlis shows us how to deal with annoying co-workers. Inkeeper John Finneran of the Caldwell House Bed and Breakfast talks Hudson Valley craft beer and vacationing in the north east during the late fall early winter when the leaves on the trees turn colors. Plus these stories: Poop Man, Creepy Clown Update, creepy forest shrine to missing people, Adwords versus Adsense, Egg industry versus Vegan Mayo, Wanted Dead or Disguised, drunk man kills best friend of 40 years by accident, meat allergy from tic bites, government-run facial recognition security cameras, toe-licker, men who want to survive do this, the door of life shuts at this age, teen amputate leg over ingrown toe-nail, and finally, a teacher goes public to set an example to others who might be afraid to go to the hospital to have stuff removed from their…well, you know.
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