Episode 294 – Losing Friends Over the Election

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Kissing

Best Friends

Yeah, we don’t do politics on this show, but the presidential election of 2016 is so contentious that people are losing friends because of it. Is this happening to you? Dr. Frieda Birnbaum offers some psychological perspective while trying her best not to get political. Plus Manny the Movie Guy reviews six movies and attempts to explain why Tom Cruise only plays guys named Jack. Seth Gruen from The Bleacher Report offers his analysis of the MLB Playoffs and, sorry Vin Scully, makes the case for the Chicago Cubs to win it all. Entrepreneur, Grant Cardone says you need to be obsessed or you’ll be average. Edward Meyer from Ripley’s Believe it or Not describes some of the unusual items in their new book, “Unlock the Weird.” Plus Skylar Cuarisma and Phil Hulett offer up these stories: Creepy Clown Update, Best Cities for Halloween, Worst States for Women, Candy Crush TV Game Show, Screen Time Before 2, Chain-Smoking Chimp, Expensive Chips, Don’t be a Bieber, Lost and Found Cash…would you return it? Denial of Service Attacks on major websites, head gear that translates dog thoughts into English, Self-Driving Road Rage, Snake in Car, Driving Bear, and finally Naked Hillary versus Naked Trump.

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