Episode 296 – Legalized Marijuana

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Today on Phil Hulett and Friends

First Hour: Actress Tippi Hedren on her new tell-all Memoir, “Tippi.” Manny the Movie Guy reviews Doctor Strange, Hacksaw Ridge and Trolls.

Second Hour: Marijuana, pot, weed,cannabis – Legalization is on the ballot in a bunch of states. We get the pro and con sides of the argument from Pamela Epstein of FOCUS and Scott Chipman of CALM.

Plus The “Wolf of Weed StreetJason Spatafora discusses how to invest in marijuana-related stocks. Phil Hulett is joined by co-hosts Brooke Peterson and Kelly J and offer up extra stories: Millennials and condoms, Dr. Fertility, Men wimp out over Male Birth Control shots, Super Moon, Psycho Squirrel, Mysterious Arctic Ping, Mysterious 15-foot river monster, Home Security Drones, Creepy White Rabbit Guy, and finally The 2017 Pooping Dogs Calendar.

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