Episode 313 – Naked Space

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Naked SpaceYes, gravity is a naked body’s enemy. That’s why today’s show was done from outer space, in the nude. Now that you have that image stuck in your head, today’s show features Disaster preparedness expert, Anthony Kovic talking about the potential for and impact of a black energy attack on America’s power grid. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Fate of the Furious and The Lost City of Z. NASA expert and space author, Rod Pyle talks Saturn, ice moons which support life, Space tourism and more. Travel Guy Gary Warner wonders what United Airlines is thinking and explores rodeo-related travel destinations. Clothing Optional Expert Deb Bowen pretty much talks the clothing right off of us and explains all the reasons you love being naked. Co-Hosts Lauren Howard Hayes and Stew Herrera join Phil with these stories: Poop-Themed kid party, strange Easter traditions, Easter Toy Recall, 3rd week of April BAD, scorpions on a plane, no toilets on the orbiter, new and bizarre variety of shrimp discovered, did furry thieves hit Chick Fil-A? Giant Rubik’s Cube, Hot Dog Ban, Canada or Caniba? 15 regional words for vomiting.
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