Episode 324 Part 2 – Toe Nation

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Toe NationPaul Robitaille is with the Klondike Visitors Association (and a former Toe Captain, as well as the reigning Yukon Gold panning Champion) and he updates a story we brought you in episode 323 in which the secret ingredient in a drink was stolen and how you can win a trip to Canada’s Yukon Territory by taking a picture of your big toe. Travel Guy Gary Warner has the pros and cons of taking a trip and then deciding you want to live there. Plus: Snorting Chocolate. Rob Kardashian and revenge porn. The third most common foreign language by state. Paint Colors named by an AI computer. What is today? Did Pompeii catch a guy masturbating? Uhhh…World Boxing Organization…Pacquiao-Horn…really?
Co-Hosts: Skylar Cuarisma, Kelly J
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