Food, Maggots and Keira Knightley Topless

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[sad] Yup, topless. Keira Knightley…but we admit, she wasn’t on the show. (Go to our Show Fun page to take a look). The Maggots were not in studio but we posted video for you to see. What we did do is reveal all sorts of wonderful advancements in food, like spreadable Reese’s Pieces, a dress make out of Skittles, a 3D printer that makes pizza and burgers, and proof McRibs are made out of real meat.  On a serious note, we got behind a man’s crusade to make music instruction mandatory at schools. Plus our tech guy gave the evil eye to CVS, Walmart and other big retailers who are trying to force an awful digital payment app on customers while locking out the good ones like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. A 68-year old guy named Dave joined us…he’s looking for a bride. Harry Styles of One Direction might be playing for both teams, if you know what we mean. And finally, a guy will be eaten alive on TV a giant anaconda.


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