Episode 272 – Friday the 13th Show

Phil Hulett Full-Length Shows, Podcast 6 Comments

Yup, it’s Friday the 13th and we talk about all the superstitions as well as GOOD things that happened over the years on this peculiar day. Gonzo Greg Spillane offers up his perspective on the 13th and so does Gary Warner our travel Guy. He digs up a bunch of superstition-steeped travel destinations for you to enjoy. Debbie Silverman, author of the book, “It’s Just Conversation – What to Say and How to Say It in Business” offers up job hunting advice for college grads who really have no clue how to get a job. Manny the Movie Guy reviews The Darkness, Money Monster and the Lobster. Plus these stories: Why Space Jam 2 will suck, CSI is over, the ballad of Sharon and Ozzy, Trump Humps for Trump, the Giant Butt, “This car will kill you” manufacturer recall, Go ahead and try not to steer a Google Car, the Oldest Person Alive is…Dead, Huge percentage of teen girls are getting genital repair jobs, the no-tipping restaurant experiment is over, Watching a lot of porn makes you religious?, The 7 reasons people track down their Exes on Social Media, How much does the prom cost?, That sexy GPS voice is going to kill you, and finally, the geezer who had it up to here with a Verizon Worker.