Fried Food, Ice Cream and Beer

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Southern Cooking

Healthy vs Delicious

You’ll feel a lot healthier after listening to today’s episode of Phil Hulett and Friends. Skylar Cuarisma and Ted Prichard co-host. Skylar notes science has figured out whether southern cooking is good for you, and she has a thing or two to say about America’s ice cream preferences. (NOTE: skip ahead to 6:20 to hear Skylar describe her love of husky guys). Ted takes us down the highway along Florida’s west coast, where a beer truck driver and his dog make for a memorable drive. Voice over guy, Stew Herrera has an unusual way of raising awareness and money for juvenile diabetes which involved tight pants, and a special cutout in his seat. Antiques expert, Bill Rau talks about flea market treasures. Travel Guy, Gary Warner says, sure it’s rainy and cold, but NOW is the best time to visit Australia. Plus the French parents who forgot their 3 year old at the rest stop. Half Pint for Congress? LOL vs HAHA. The hackers convention. Toys from the 80’s and 90’s that are worth a lot of money. Can you name the MLB brothers who combine for them most home runs ever? The woman who stopped a bullet with her bra. And finally, Phil describes the perfect mistress.


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