Gambling within the Madness

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Are Ballers Shavin'?

Are Ballers Shavin’?

As you fill out your NCAA Basketball Championship bracket, think about this: some of the college players have big money riding on the final score of the game. That’s the assertion of sports gambling expert and author,¬†Frank Landrey. Plus we explore the 100 things to know before you get old with Becky Baines from National Geographic Kids books. Manny the Movie guy reviews the weekend’s new releases and reveals who he thinks should be the next James Bond. We agree, and we have a suggestion for the next Bond Girl. Fashion Marketing expert Keith Nishida opens our minds to a grown up love for a particular toy which rivals Barbie in popularity and is perhaps more recognizable. Kelly J and Chris Martin join Phil in the studio and offer the following stories: Hulk Hogan sex tape trial, Carl’s Jr. automated order counter, Pee Wee Herman is back, NYC and urine, Jenny McCarthy’s vomit kiss, the A4 Waste Challenge, Self-Tightening Shoes, Sea World’s stock, and finally the dog who was lost at sea.


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