Gas, Dead Presidents and Juicing Cannabis

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Juicing Cannabis

Juicing Cannabis

It’s election day in America so we focused on what’s important: juicing marijuana in the increasing number of states where medicinal pot is legal. You hear from a tri-athlete who is completely pain free (and not high) with a juiced cannabis smoothie per day. Plus out travel guy takes us to bizarre places in California connected to former Presidents. We learn how to be better under pressure with author Jenny Evans. Gas prices are getting real low. Will they get lower or will we get smacked in the wallet with another endless hike at the pump? Fuel expert, Bob Van der Valk has the surprising answer. Phil Hulett counts the ways facial hair makes you healthier. Erin Myers introduces us to the new mug shot hottie (and she wants to meet him). Jay Campadonia takes us on a ride in the world’s fastest golf cart. And Chris Martin teaches us all about “Sex Week”at Harvard.


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