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OK, not THAT kind of ghost story...but made ya look, right?

OK, not THAT kind of ghost story…but made ya look, right?

Scary stuff today. We hear a bunch of ghost stories from a clairvoyant and from a science writer. But what may be more shocking is the ghost stories Phil Hulett told on today’s episode. Plus, on this National Cat Day, a guy named Doogie talks about some very interesting cats perhaps you weren’t aware of. Chris Martin tells us China is finally all in on world domination. Plus the top Halloween candies, what can Floyd Mayweather get with $50,000 in a strip club? Does Buffalo Wild Wings have a beef with the sports league that it owe’s it’s existence to? Have Aussies been mortally insulted by linguistics experts? Unlimited chicken nuggets!!! Hannah finally gets her horse. And finally, giant pumpkins crush minivans! Happy Halloween.




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