Going Extra Large on Oscar

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All White Oscars

Hollywood Celebrates Diversity

Its Oscar weekend and as such we’re going EXTRA LARGE with Manny the Movie Guy. He offers up his picks in every category of the 88th Academy Awards so you can win your office pool. Dr. Kyra Bobinet returns with the steps you can take on leap day (Feb. 29) to find the next iteration of you. Wealth Management Advisor, Alan Goodstein explains how to invest in this crazy market. Listen to the sector he picks as the number one place for smart money. Chris Martin tells us about the novelties NASA sends to the International Space Station. Medical Marijuana was just legalized on an entire continent. Terrorist vs Social Media companies. The “Cecil Effect.” Cheryl Tiegs on plus-size models. Katy Perry is really a long-dead child beauty queen? The 10 surprising stars who have never one Oscar. And finally, the five compliments men never tire of hearing.


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