Guess What’s on your Toothbrush?

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Dirty Mouth?

You’ll have to listen halfway into this episode, but WARNING it definitely not pleasant to hear what researchers found on a majority of toothbrushes. We talked about other stuff, like how to beat the spring time pollen outbreak, families who make too much noise at graduation ceremonies, the quiz that tells you your chance of dying in the next 5 years, Floyd Mayweather’s romantic charm, the petition that seeks to strip Caitlyn Jenner of her Olympic Gold Medals, how much is the stuff in a woman’s purse worth on average…SURPRISING…the worst things you can order at a restaurant, Manny the Movie Guy screams like a little girl, Google Street View is going underwater, and the boss who will pay for college tuition for the kids of all of his employees…no limits, no strings attached.


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