Guitars, GRIT and Vegas

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Shredding Guitars is Paul Gilbert's Job

Paul Gilbert Knows Guitars

Guitar playing will get you far in life, so that’s why we speak to an actual guitar god, Paul Gilbert about how he teaches YOU to play guitar. Our travel guy visits and asks us to guess which travel destination has unseated Las Vegas as the number one vacation spot. Can you guess? Plus, what does GRIT stand for? If you get some,maybe you can overcome obstacles to succeed in life. An expert explains the concept. Gonzo Greg Spillane visits as guest co-host and makes you believe that Kermit the Frog is in the studio and high on hooch. Is Sasquatch alive and walking the streets of Arizona? Bill Gates eats poo. India pales over a Ghandi ale. The FBI is listening to your cellphone calls and there’s nothing you can do about it. January is divorce month…just ask Gonzo Greg. Chris can’t pronounce “Gaston.” Erin is thrilled about what South Korea is doing with dogs that are bred for eating. Phil offers up the new belt that automatically adjusts with your weight, and shames you when you eat too much. And finally, three new Girl Scout Cookies you probably could care less about.


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