Hillary, Baking with Cannabis and Hurricane Cruise Season

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Hillary Clinton Facial Expressions

What can we learn from candidates’ facial expressions?

What can you learn from the body language and facial expressions of a presidential candidate? Professor Carl Christman reveals the surprising results of his analysis of Hillary Clinton. Marijuana advocate and owner of the Sweet Mary Jane bakery in Colorado, Karin Lazarus talks about how to bake with cannabis. Travel Guy Gary Warner issues a warning about falling for deep discounts on cruise lines during hurricane season. Gonzo Greg Spillane co-hosted today and offered the summer CannaCamp for adults, the Sex Pistols bank card, charging your phone from waves in the air, deep fried county fair food, school for male virgins in Japan includes actually losing one’s virginity in class. Chris Martin tallied up race horse, American Pharaoh’s potential in stud, are carry-on bags too big? Behold the tiny deer, trash talk targeted at USA Women’s soccer team, the first switch-pitcher in major league baseball, and a golden retriever jumps in front of a bus to save his master. Phil Hulett chimed in with Kim K’s birthday gift to Kanye, Pizza Hut is finally bringing THIS to the USA, what’s the deal with Starbucks’ new coffee flavors? And finally, the first ever orgy for disabled people.


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