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Veteran's Day 2015

Veteran’s Day 2015

On this, the day before Veteran’s Day in America, we get the perspective of an Army wife and how different the holiday is for her family and what message she has for the rest of us. Plus 40-years ago today the Edmund Fitzgerald sunk in Lake Superior and now you can’t get that Gordon Lightfoot song out of your head! November is “Adopt a Senior Pet Month” and Dr. Judy Morgan offers the reasons to adopt a senior pet and arrangements for you to become a foster home for a senior pet with all medical expenses paid! Travel guy Gary Warner goes out for four exciting surfing competitions in Hawaii.  Chris Martin joins Phil in the studio for a stack of stories, including: Sea World’s plans to shut down Orca shows, teens and their x-rated online personal photo vaults, Pam Anderson’s naked celebration, the dying wish of a Star Wars fan fulfilled, Snoop Dog’s branded marijuana, NFL Concussion Guy, the GOP Debate on Fox Business, Are Hot Dogs a sandwich? Lorena Bobbitt’s husband, washing machine music, attractive facial hair, clip-on man bun, signs a charity is a scam, possums in the microwave, and finally, a couple dates for a year and eventually realize they are…


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