Ice Cream Dreams

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Ice Cream

July is National Ice Cream Month

July is national ice cream month and we make good on that celebration today when the founder of Creamology visits to explain the latest trend in making better, tastier ice cream. Sounds like a dream come true, but what do your dreams really mean. Phil Hulett’s recurring dream apparently means he’s honest, caring, and comfortable with his naked body. Dream Analyst Lauri Loewenburg explains what your dreams mean, and deciphers one of the most bizarre celebrity dreams, courtesy of Madonna, we’ve ever heard. Plus Manny the Movie Guy pulls no punches on this weekend’s offerings. Hackers are able to disrupt and even disable connected cars from a specific auto-maker. Star Wars’ R2D2 is actually in space. Science can finally tell you if you have a good-looking penis. The mystery of the sex-toys on the power line is finally solved. Sharknado III. Where can you go to get a god deal on anti-venom? Meet the guy who not only won the lottery, he was hit by lighting. And finally, the tuba player who ruined the KKK parade.


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