India Pale Ale and Music from the Womb

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Brewing Your Own Eclectic IPA

[12:43] Yummmm, IPA. Renowned brewer, and author of the book, “,” Dick Cantwell checks in with a wealth of beer information. He makes the case for Phil Hulett to take another 50 shots at varieties of IPA-style beer. You won’t believe some of the ingredients brewers are experimenting with.

Music from the Womb!

[30:36] Imagine a baby in the womb playing music. It can happen with a device invented by our next guest. Aura Pon, PhD explains who her invention converts the movements of pre-born babies into electronic music. Phil plays a sample of this music. You will be inspired.

Stuffity Stuff Stuff Stuff

Plenty of elbow-bumping in the studio with Mike Walters (Ducks n Pucks podcast), Kellie Sue Peters (performing live at The Other Door in Burbank, CA June 24), and Olivia McLeod (The Brave Ones podcast) joining Phil to co-host the show. The stack of stories includes stuff we learned from Dad. 25 perfect high tech gifts for Dad. Edible six-pack rings will save sea life. Free caps and gowns for grads in need. Kevin Smith lost a bunch of weight….wow. and finally, the overnight theme park pup-tent sex fest.

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