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Animal Poop Brownies

Disney’s “Animal Poop” Brownies

It’s true! Just ask Disney. They are feeding animal poop to children in Orlando! That is just one of the many stories covered in today’s episode of Phil Hulett and Friends. Brooke Peterson and Chris Martin co-host with Phil today, and they welcome therapist and founder of CATalyst Refuge, Kevin Rose to talk about simple ways to reduce your stress and reclaim your summer. Drummer, lawyer, author, Greg Anton talked about his novel, “Face the Music.”  Travel guy Gary Warner lamented the rate at which California’s western forests are dying off, and explains why it’s happening. Facebook can now recognize you in a picture even if you cover your face. We know…creepy! The list of athletes who will appear naked in ESPN’s “Body Issue” is out. We’re pretty sure O.J. is Khloe’s father. What has more calories, a frosted pop-tart or an un-frosted pop-tart? We have yet another reason platypuses should gross you out. It’s getting harder to buy a Confederate Flag. Obese Americans now outnumber Americans who are simply overweight. Would you stay at a refurbished Nazi resort hotel that has been dormant since the end of WWII? R.I.P. Dick van Patton and James Horner. What is a rotunda anyway? And finally, skinny jeans can kill you.


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