Live Music and Beer Shots

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Beer shots

Beer Shots!

It’s a first on Phil Hulett and Friends, live music in the studio! Ali Spagnola quit her cushy job at a video game company to tour the world singing about beer and celebrating a timeless drinking game called the Power Hour. Hear her work 91 synonyms for drunk into a 1-minute song. Plus we talk craft beercations with the Innkeeper of The Caldwell House Bed and Breakfast in the Hudson Valley. Ken Wright, The Shower Guy has an invention that will force you to take shorter showers during the drought. It’s Cinco de Mayo and you don’t know why. Manny Pacquiao lied! Now he’s in big trouble. A body builder goes too far in his quest to look like the Incredible Hulk. Is Scott Weiland off the wagon or does he need new roadies? There’s an App that blocks any mention of the Kardashians. When you panhandle, be sure to wear designer logo clothing. And finally, admit it, you were rooting for the new royal baby to be named Gertrude.


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