Mila, Measles and Robot Room Service

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[saf] I think we all suspected Mila Kunis was the Queen of the Universe. Manny the Movie Guy confirmed it in his review of her new movie Jupiter Ascending. Put it this way, Manny’s pick of the weekend of the Sponge Bob movie. Dr. Kurtz gives us good advice on the measles and the questions you should be asking your doctor NOW. Our tech dude, Jeremy Anticouni has great Net Neutrality news, plus word of a hotel in Japan run by ROBOTS! Sports Illustrated gor for near full frontal nudity on the cover of it’s swimsuit edition. Say hello to Belinda Jenner. McDonald’s “Pay with Love” epic fail. Marijuana vending machines. A woman will die if she laughs. An all-woman college sends fat-shaming letters home. Smart guys in Silicon Valley are high on acid. Shame your kids with the “Benjamin Button Haircut.” And a janitor dies and leave a fortune to charity.



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