NBA and NHL Champs, RIP Anthony Bourdain

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NBA Champs Tonight?

Last night the Washington Capitals won the NHL Championship, tonight the Golden State Warriors (will) win the NBA championship. TV reporter Matt Prichard checks in from Washington DC with commentary, including his speculation on LaBron James’ next move. And by the way, You get a free taco! You get a free taco! You get a free taco!

RIP Anthony Bourdain

We are sad to report Anthony Bourdain died in France of an apparent suicide at the age of 61. The friends recount their favorite Bourdain moments and contemplate what pushes somebody to take their own life. On a lighter note, today is Best Friends Day. Further to that, between Phil Hulett, Gonzo Greg Spillane, Kelly J and Intern Ricky, guess who doesn’t have a best friend?

Movie Reviews

Manny the Movie Guy checks in to not only review Ocean’s 8, Hotel Artemis and Hereditary, he has a point of view on fashion. When Phil asks Manny what he thinks about long chest hair cascading over the top of a t-shirt collar, Manny responds resoundingly.
We have more stories! Careful when selling your photos to stock photography outfits. You never know where your face is going to end up. Kelly reaches a conclusion about humankind and self-driving cars. Plus, how to spot a narcissist across the room. And finally, the couple who stole a TV from a pawn shop and then pawned it AT THE SAME PAWN SHOP!

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