Bitcoin Tanked. Now What?

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Can You Still Make a Fortune with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin peaked at a price above $19,000 in December 2017.  Fast-forward to today and Bitcoin is trading at about half that price. Did you lose money? Should you sell or buy more? Can you make money mining Bitcoin? [20:13] Financial expert, John Miller joins the friends to explain where the crypto-currency opportunities are.  Another consideration is block-chain bitcoin-mining. Miller knows of a system that sells for a fraction of the regular price. Perhaps you should listen and retire comfortably? Another benefit to listening is Miller tells you how you can get a free Kindle copy of his book,  “?” Send Miller an email at

Movie Reviews

Next up [at 40:20], Manny the Movie Guy reviews “I Feel Pretty”, “Super Troopers 2, You Were Never Really Here, and Traffik. Which movies receive the most kisses. In addition to reviews, we want to know something. While Manny lives up the street from Coachella, he could very easily have hung out back stage with all of the other celebrities! But, did he?

More Stuff!

Co-Hosts Gonzo Greg Spillane and Kellie Sue Peters join Phil Hulett in studio on this 420, National Weed Day. Enjoy these stories: Top Marijuana Fun Facts. A quick review of state-to-state cannabis laws versus Federal law. Lyft offers 420 deal. For the weed user in your circle, there are the top underrated snacks. Happy Husband Appreciation Day. What do women really like about their men, anyway? Baboons use teamwork to escape research facility. And finally, how to find your phone when the ringer is turned off.

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