Oktoberfest 2015

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Oktoberfest Girl


It’s that time of year when we celebrate beer….more than all those other times when we celebrate beer! Beer expert John Vireve visits with some Oktoberfest beers for the friends to sample. We learn the history of the celebration, the meaning behind all of the festivities and which beer is essential to this time of year. Plus, travel guy Gary Warner takes us to cities with bizarre names like Dickshooter, Beaver Lick and Sugar Tit. Brooke Peterson, Ted Prichard and Chris Martin join Phil in the studio for all the fun. Stories: The Chronic Sneezer, Baby head re-attached, the real way to survive a bear attack, NFL Fantasy sites in big trouble, breakfast cereal recall, Gary Busey, Freakish Jeopardy Genius, Dog Tail Mood Reader, 911 butt dials, the decade you are happiest, and finally, Disneyland ain’t cheap!


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