Parents Have Ruined Kids’ Sports

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Kids’ Sports Check Up with Dr. Bob

Kid's Sports

“Yay we get pizza!” -Kids’ Sports

If you long for the days when kids’ sports actually meant more than a participation trophy, a time when kids understood the meaning of winning and losing, team work, a common goal, and all the life lessons sports can teach, then you are in luck with this part of PHAF. [9:55] The Sports Doctor, Dr. Bob Weil checks in with his thoughts on surviving kids’ sports season without injury and without parents getting thrown into jail for insisting too vehemently that the referee made a bad call or their kid should be in the game instead of warming the bench. Dr. Bob co-wrote the book, “” If you or somebody you know is a badly-behaved parent or your kid has the hand-eye coordination of newborn giraffe, you need to listen to this segment to know what kids’ sports really can be for you and your child.

Stretching Your Dollar Thin on a European Vacation

Travel Dude, Gary Warner took control of the show temporarily, because he unleashes bad news for your European vacation wallet. Consequently, we wonder if there are any deals left, and what about the State Department’s “No Go” list? Are you good to go, or are you be better off staying home this summer? Gary has your answer.

Fun Stuff

Kelly Bennett co-hosts the show with Phil Hulett today. As a result, the stories are particularly off-beat. There’s the university “cry closet” because everyone needs a good cry, right? Phil disagrees. The Fajita Bandit gets 50 years in the slammer after stealing a mind-boggling amount of sizzling goodness. It’s science: Staring at boobs is good for men. Then there’s the goose attack on the golf course. Get a load of the airline job offer that pays you $4,500 a month to do THIS. Finally there’s a common sense resolve in the PETA monkey selfie court battle. Another story features a girl scout troop breaking records selling cookies, but there’s something special about this troop you need to know. Last on the list, the veteran who survived a blast and receive’s the world’s first-ever penis and scrotum transplant.

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