Paris Hilton Makes HOW Much Money?

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Paris Hilton has something to sell you

Paris Hilton: Retail Monster

Paris Hilton makes billions of dollars selling stuff like perfume and clothing…which makes us ponder the gravity of this and how beloved she is to the stuff-buying public. More stories today include the baby born without a nose, should he get a prosthetic? The Religious Freedom law in Indiana gets a makeover. Note to law enforcement, don’t let Snoop Dog take a picture with you. Your next electric vehicle might be a 1968 Mustang Fastback. The dad who pulled his son’s loose tooth by tying it to THIS. The woman who pooped in a box at K-MART. The best corporate April Fools prank ever. Would you sleep on some guy’s couch on vacation in Cuba? Uber driver drops off woman and then goes back to her house to do this. And finally….cute baby animals!


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