Episode 333 Part 1 – Philippine Scouts and Lego Ninjago

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Philippine Scouts

Philippine Scouts

Phil Hulett’s Father-In-Law was a member of the Philippine Scouts during World War II and was held prisoner for 3 and a half years after the infamous “Bataan Death March.” 75 years later, the U.S. Government is recognizing 260,000 Filipino soldiers who fought alongside Americans with the Congressional Gold Medal. Hear Lieutenant Colonel, INF, USAR Retired, Rodrigo L. dela Concepcion talk about the history and heroism of these Filipino men and how this rare honor came to fruition.

Plus, our favorite Filipino, Manny the Movie Guy reviews the Lego Ninjago Movie as well as Kingsman The Golden Circle and Brad’s Status. In addition, Phil, and his co-hosts, Kellie Sue Peters and Paul McCann, cover these stories: Equifax inadvertently sends people to a phishing website. A School Teacher steals the homecoming money for a gambling binge. Even though he is cute, plus-sized fans are outraged with Harry Styles. We’ll tell you why. Well help you avoid party shame by revealing which Halloween costumes everyone else is buying. Forget Walmart, now Whole Foods is a great place to people watch. We have the 6 things that drain your cellphone battery. And finally, is it a good idea to buy the iPhone 8?

Philippine Scouts Interview at 19:08
Movie Reviews at 39:53

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  2. That is a real honor for for her and them. I am sure my Dad would be terribly proud to see them (the Phillipine soldeirs) recognized in this manner. He is mentioned in a book (HORYO) as having been an officer that did not leave the side of his enlisted US compatriots or Philipne Sodkers on the march. It is ironic how we treat those who stand by our sides. I fought in VN in SF and our Montagnards (aboriginal highland native – not Vietnamese – Laotoian or Cmaodians) kept us alive as scouts and only wanted freedem thmeselves. At the end fo the war they were left out of being allowd to come to the US. To this day we have only been able to birng 5k or so over 30+ years through our associatiaon. Now I see us repeating how we treated the Scouts – the Montagnards and now the Kurds. Shameful in my book! George Hewitt

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    Thank you for your comments, George. It’s an honor to know about your father and his service. I am very much looking forward to next week’s ceremony in D.C. where my wife will stand proud during the muster roll call in Emancipation Hall, to hear her father’s name read, “Master Sergeant United States Army, P.S., Filomeno Caparino.
    As a trivial point of interest, my father’s name was George Hulett, and people often mistakenly refer to me as Phil Hewitt.

  4. Thanks for the information on the Phillipne Scouts and the Congressional Gold Medal. I had not heard of this previsously.
    My Dad – Walter J. Heiwtt was a young 1LT and ended up wounded captured on Bataan. He also msde the Death March and survived being sent to Japan to work in a coal yard and building a dam among other things. He passed in 93 and my Mom since but this is a nice thing to consider ahving happened ref their sacrifices. Wish more of them had been alive to have seen this transpire or to get VA help for the Scouts (vs. ignoring them). Best to you and enjoy the program. George W. Hewitt – Diplomatic Security – US State Department – Washington, DC hewittgw@state.gov

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